Teaching Young Learners

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Ace Garong
Specialization Course
  • 136 students
  • 9 lessons
  • 4 quizzes
  • 8 week duration
136 students


50 Hour Specialization Certificate in Teaching Young Learners awarded by International TEFL Training Institute, NY, USA


If paid through local bank deposit/cash, the Course Fee is $100 or P5,200. if paid through Paypal and others which charge us some fees, the Final Fee is $110 or P5,625.


The course is designed for practicing teachers or for teachers in preparation who may or may not have formal training in second and foreign language teaching methodology. It provides an overall introduction to key aspects of language teaching methodology in an accessible yet non trivial way. The purpose of this course is to explore issues as they relate directly to the teaching of English to young learners.

The Course is intended for:
•experienced & novice teachers
•parents of young learners
•teachers who have experience teaching older learners
•individuals who are supervising teachers of young learners
•people who design EFL or ESL programs for young learners


1. Orientation and introduction to teaching English, EFL or ESL to young learners and a brief overview of young learner development.
2. Reflection questions invite the student to think about critical issues in young learner teaching, and action activities require the student to apply what they have learned in their own situation.
3. How to teach English to young learners who may or may not have literacy skills in their native language.
4. Practical illustrations from many course books and extracts from authentic classroom situations.
5. How to effectively work with parents even if they do not speak English.
6. Dealing with classroom management, special needs children, technology in the children’s classroom.
7. Many suggestions for books, articles and web sites for resources and up-to-date information
8.A glossary of definition of language, early childhood and education teaching terms.


The trainee of this course is assessed through their reflective essays and quizzes.

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Ace Garong
The Country Director and Lead Trainer of International TEFL Training Institute Philippines. A teacher and trainer for 15 years. An ESL teacher both in the Philippines and Vietnam. A licensed teacher and has completed the academic requirements in MAED ELT, Cebu Normal University. A former Mactan TM Club President and a former Area 82 Governor of Toastmasters International.
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