Successful #OET Examinees

Centre for International Teacher Training Inc. (CITTI) is a recognized OET Preparatory Provider by OET Australia. CITTI has been offering OET Training for Nurses for over a year now and it has continuously produced OET Examinees. Here are the successful trainees who took the test last Aug. 28, 2021. CONGRATULATIONS!

A+ Plus Language Center Vietnam

A+ Plus Language Center in Vietnam has tapped Centre for International Teacher Training Inc. (CITTI) to conduct Online TESOL Training to their Vietnamese Teachers. A+ Plus has multiple English Language Centers in the north of Vietnam. #tesoltraining #teachertraining #tesoltefl #vietnam

Giving back to the Community

In this time of the Pandemic Centre for International Teacher Training Inc. (CITTI) plays an active role in providing free teacher training as well as paid training to various schools. Tomas Cabili Central School, a public school in Iligan City, is one of the recipients of this free training. #teachertraining…

TESOL Teaching Practice

Trainees of our In-Class and Combined TESOL Course will perform teaching practices or demonstrations in our Cebu Center. They may also choose to record a video of their class at their own place and send to us for evaluation. The Photo is taken from the class of Teacher Jovie, our…

Grammar Translation Method

The grammar–translation method, or classical method, is a traditional teaching technique that was used to teach Latin and Greek and was particularly in vogue in the 16th century. The focus was then on the translation of texts, grammar, and rote learning of vocabulary. There was no emphasis on speaking and…